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Ken worked with Neck Illusions and guitarist Jennifer Batten to create her signature line of Neck Illusions.

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We are currently occulted from view. Behind the scenes, we are working to secure copyrights, register with ASCAP, and studying all aspects of licensing. When we feel we have that knowledge under our belts we shall come out of hiding and put our treasures on display. Until then, you have my contact information. Also, if YOU are an artist or a musician, watch this video and ABSORB IT COMPLETELY! If you are a Youtuber who steals copyrighted material for your videos and tries to hide behind "fair use" then you should watch as well so you know and understand the lives of the artists you are stealing from when you do not properly license their material. "Above all things, get Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding."


05/09/2019 --- I've been consistently working on a plan for branding and marketing "The Room for 333 Squares Art/Music Project" since thoughts first entered my mind in the year 2000 when I was homeless on the streets of San Diego. I then began asking myself how to take it (the music, the art, the guitars, the amps) to the next level. What is the next level? Hologram? Augmented Reality? Virtual Reality? Community involvement and contribution? Whether to stop marketing to individuals and focus instead on marketing to corporations? Those are the questions I have mostly answered in my head. And if you're smart and can read between the lines then you too know the direction Plague of Smiles is headed, and in fact, an entire world of like minds that are secretly preparing to ride a coming wave of immense proportions! --- Ken D. Webber, Artist/Musician

Plague of Smiles LLC
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Kenneth David Bryon Webber

Kenneth David Bryon Webber
Plague of Smiles

I have my own fully equipped music and art studio running Ableton Live for music and Carrara 7.0 for 3D modeling and animation.

guitar studio
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This website and all it's art, music, video, and design are copyright © 2000-2018 by Artist and Musician Ken D. Webber; All Rights Reserved. TRUTH ™ Line of Signature Guitars and MAAT ™ Pyramidal Stacking Amps created by Ken D. Webber copyright © 2000-2017; All Rights Reserved. Plague of Smiles LLC ™ is an Art/Music Publishing Company whose PRO is ASCAP. To avoid any copyright litigation we refuse to listen to or view any submitted material, it goes directly into the trashcan, and will not be returned. Do NOT under any circumstances send us artistic material for consideration!